Friday, 27 September 2013


Somehow old-fashioned, definitely cosy, breathing relaxation and calling for the holidays: cable knitwear, I adore it.

With four cable-sweaters
I feel cable-ready for the years to come. 

(Petit Bateau + 3 x MANGO)
Over the past few years cables have been all around and they seem to stay. When having a look at my wardrobe I realize I’m chained to them too, and so is MANGO. The latest collections of the Spanish multiple all included some very nice pieces of cable knitwear. A few examples in the picture up here: old-rose jumper (AW11/12), red cardigan (AW12/13) and white sweater (AW2013/2014). They all look the same yet they’re totally different. You see: the pattern changes every year.

P.S. Are you into cables too?

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