Friday, 13 September 2013

Another level

Fall has fallen on us, meaning: summer has fallen apart all of a sudden. As I said a few weeks ago “preparation is key” and the mood swing of the weather gods made me realise that the time was right to spoil myself with a new pair of elegant yet comfortable and warm shoes. Just to be prepared for an invasion by winter, you know. Guess where I found these beauty-boots ...
Timberland Ek Meridens Fld Dwn
They look like mountaineering footwear but clearly they’re more than walkproof boots and have that little extra “something”, like wedges and a fold down lambsfleece for example. What makes the Meridens even more special: walking on them will lift me up to 7 cm (2,76 inches) from the ground. That’s hiking on another level, right? 

P.S. What did you guess? The answer: it's another pair of Earthkeepers, of course.

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