Friday, 20 September 2013

And the winner is ...

Me! It’s kind of exciting for me to be able to say this as I’m used to participating in contests of all kinds “unsuccessfully” (meaning: I never win). Over the years I’ve accepted the fact that winning is not in it for me. After all: not lucky at cards = lucky at love (which seems to be true as I have the best Boyfriend ever). 
Now the tide seems to have changed (when it comes to the card thing that is, let’s hope the love-luck remains the same) with a lottery-mailing organized by Knack Weekend. What the winning ticket included? Together with 49 other Weekend-Knackers I had the chance to enjoy a lifestyle, fashion and finger food experience at Smets Premium Store in Brussels yesterday. I saw a lot of nice jewellery, clothes and shoes over there. These nicely decorated ones really blew my mind.

P.S. More eye-candy of this kind will be posted on Elle B.’s Facebook

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