Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The hangover

Yes we can, i.e. survive the first day at work after the vacation (which was yesterday and I’m still here so at least I can). However, on this Tuesday morning I start reminiscing (already, I know it’s pathetic) to the period of relaxation and fun that has just come to an end. What I’m thinking back to? Here’s, in brief, the story of our summer holiday 2013.
St. Nazaire
We hit the road and drove straight away to Le Pays de la Loire in France on a rainy, “thunderstormy” Saturday morning a few weeks ago. Final destination that day: Saint-Nazaire, a harbour town with a large beach and nice little bays, hidden from the living and breathing “have a break, relax & enjoy”.
bay with "fisher huts" 
After a few days we left for La Baule, another coastal town with as main features an eight-km-long beach, a beautiful shopping street (which I tried to avoid to save my wallet) and amazingly beautiful houses everywhere. Have a look:
As the weather was great (sun and a smooth sea breeze that cooled down the heat) we decided to stay in the region and went back to Saint-Nazaire after a few days. We spent our days lying on the cosy bay-beaches, reading novels and eating m&m’s. (For those who love French novels I can strongly recommend all the writings by Marc Levy as well as Guillaume Musso’s, they are fascinating and kind of touching too.)

Unfortunately, everything has to come to an end but we’re not there yet. I almost forgot:
beach Saint-Malo & castle

The day before the “homeward journey” we visited Saint-Malo, another harbour town, situated in the region of Brittany. What’s there to see? A turquoise sea, an historic city centre surrounded by ancient defensive walls and a castle on the beach (which was almost inaccessible as the tide was high when we wanted to visit it).
more Saint-Malo beach & turquoise sea
Do you see the grey dot in the "middle end" of the picture? That was the other side of the ancient city centre of Saint-Malo, the end of the city if you want. Speaking of which (endings that is), this is it for today. Have a great Tuesday!

P.S. How do you usually deal with vacation hangovers?

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