Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The prepping works

Summer is finally in town. This means there’s no more need to get ready for it. Still the “prepping" continues and it’s time to take it to the next level, by getting all set for the annual summer holiday. 
Where we will go and what to expect? To be honest ... I owe you the answer to this question. All we know is that final destination lies somewhere in France. How we will get there and where we will be staying remains a mystery up till now. How come, you're asking? Well, Le Boyfriend had to undergo a serious surgery last week (due to a soccer injury) and the question is if he will be able to drive a car by the end of this month.
Anyhow, there will be a vacation and I’m preparing myself for it in every possible way. After having bought some travel literature (a few French novels) and a pair of comfortable sneakers (the first new pair after three years and a half!) I passed last (sunny summer) weekend doing ... nothing. I suppose there’s no better way to get holiday-fit because in the end, and especially this year with a crippled travel companion, doing nothing is all there is to do when on holiday, right?

Earthkeepers sneakers
P.S. What’s your “final (vacation) destination” this summer?

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