Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Royal suite

Welcome at Martin's Relais
It’s over, we’ve had it and it was GREAT: the little trip to Bruges that we (Le Boyfriend and I) made last weekend. 

The hotel room where we spent the night was more than great; it was huge. Why not call it a royal suite you know, because really: the luxurious bathroom, “crowned” chairs, king-size bed and royal curtains made me feel like a princess in a fairy tale.


The treats we got – a bottle of cava with a red rose when we got back from dinner in a local restaurant in the evening and the delicious, extensive breakfast with bubbles in the morning – made our (fairy) stay at Martin’s Relais even more fantastic.

 I guess you can imagine how hard it was on Monday morning, 
waking up in our humble flat 
and getting breakfast ready ourselves
 before we had to go to work.

 P.S. How was your weekend?

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