Monday, 10 June 2013

Black Beauties

That’s a perfect description of my latest purchase in the footwear department. As many times before I also found this pair of shoes in the Timberland Earthkeepers ® collection. That they are made with respect for planet earth makes me feel less guilty about buying another pair of shoes I don’t really need. Yet this one is more than “another” pair as there’s a love story involved.

The thing is: with those black beauties it was love at first sight. I didn’t try them on when I first saw them but since the first “eye contact” I couldn’t stop thinking about the Montvale T-strap Sandals. After two days of shoe-dreaming I thought the time was right to take some action – I mean: the shoes wouldn’t make the first move, being a piece of footwear and incapable of going after me. So I figured I had to.
That’s why I went back to the store to actually try the sandals on, secretly hoping they wouldn’t be as great on my feet as in the display. (A pair of black shoes isn’t on this season’s must-buy list, you know.) Yet it turned out they do fit my feet perfectly and look even more A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. on feet.

broques style final touch
What makes them irresistible:
The leather’s texture – it’s a smooth, soft black leather with a touch of shine, similar to the Louis Allure D-bag material. (I see it clearly: a little black dress, these beauties on my feet and D-bag on my shoulder).
The contrasting stitching in the sole – it adds that little extra “something” that strengthens the shoes’ outer beauty.
The “comfortness” they offer – the sandals are low-heeled yet elegant and have cushions in the insole that create a feeling of air-walking (which contributes to the shoes’ inner beauty).

Who would say no to this all, right?

P.S. What’s your most “guilty” purchase of this season?

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