Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Biscuit cake

Do you have it too, a favourite dish that’s your favourite because it recalls sweet memories? Mine is Petit Beurre biscuit cake (koekjestaart in Dutch). My grandmother made it almost every year at Christmas day and as far as I can remember the Christmas joy reached its climax when the dessert was being served.

A family dinner last weekend was the perfect occasion to make this sweet meal again and ... to travel back in time the moment I got a piece of the cake on my plate.
The good thing about the recipe: it’s very basic and easy-to-make (I’d say bake but there’s no oven or fire involved in making the cake). Basically it comes down to this: the cookies are like building blocks for the masonry and butter cream serves as cement to keep the biscuit construction together. Interested in building a cake yourself?

All you need
LU Petit Beurre cookies (four 4 persons = two packs)
butter (125 g) – preferably not cooled
powdered sugar (3 tablespoonfuls)
dark chocolate sprinkles
a cup (or two) café au lait

How you do it
Make a cup or two of coffee and add some milk to the hot drink.

Mix the butter and sugar gently until you get a smooth pastry (crème au beurre).
Start building the cake by spreading the butter cream on top of the cookies. Do this one by one as you have to dip the cookies very quickly into the café au lait before you put them on a plate (for 4 persons you put 4 cookies next to each other before “piling” up the other cookies on top of the first 4). Continue until all the cookies are gone.
(You might have to make some more crème au beurre at this stage. If not skip this step and go straightaway to the next.)
Cover all the sides of your “building block” with the butter cream (the cookies are supposed to be “soft” by now so you have to do this very carefully and try not to ruin the cake) and spread (a lot of)  sprinkles all over the “construction”. (In the end the cake should be covered with chocolate everywhere.)
Put the dessert in the refrigerator for a few hours (or a night) before serving the delicious creation.

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