Friday, 31 May 2013

The Lucky One

Luck on my finger
Ceci n’est pas une bague. Okay this is a ring, but also the present Le Boyfriend got me for my B-day. Actually there’s more to this piece of hand jewellery than that. Let me explain and travel back in time, to March 2012.

I came home from another (stressful) day at work (I was still at my previous job back then) and felt kind of miserable and exhausted. A little bit later Le Boyfriend came home from work too. He told me to look in his briefcase. A blue Reminiscence bag popped out, I opened it and found a ring. A Lucky Luck ring as it had amulets engraved everywhere. With this surprise Le Boyfriend definitely made my day and I forgot about the “dark side of my life”. Yet there was one tiny little problem: the ring didn’t fit (no panicking girls; it was no engagement ring, just a ring).

What followed (the next day) was a very harsh “swap” at the Reminiscence store. Tough decisions had to be made because the ring wasn’t available in my size, basically meaning that I had to pick another one. After all I managed to do so and this is where I got the “star of my hand” ring. (A Lucky Luck ring too as it represents a shooting star, allowing me to make a wish every time I put it on.)

Anyway, that’s how I almost got the ring you see in the picture above about a year ago. Last week I almost didn’t get it again. How that story goes? For my B-day Le Boyfriend had bought me the most magnificent, nice, beautiful earrings I'd ever seen. Unfortunately a tiny problem occurred here too: my ears are too weak and can’t bear the heavy metals. (Reminiscence is known for statement jewellery, you know.) I had to go back to the store again for another difficult swap operation. In the end, to save my ears (and because I couldn’t choose a pair of earrings from the many beautiful samples) I asked for the Lucky Luck ring and guess what … I was lucky because the ring was available in my size.

And so you see: I’m the lucky one, having a boyfriend (the best one ever) who does not only put luck on my side, but also on my hand.

P.S. Other than this piece of jewellery he got me a box of Leonidas pralines and Desiré de Lille Lacquements. Yumie!

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