Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Parties in the air

We grow old, there’s no way denying it. Especially in a week like this, when there’s one more candle to be lit on the B-day cake. Even though I’m not really in the mood to celebrate my birthday I couldn’t but throw a party (or two or three …) since le Boyfriend has to celebrate something (i.e. his birthday) too.

In fact we have a party week ahead of us. It started on Sunday with an all-day-long-family-party at our place. This means: a br/lunch at noon, an afternoon (partly spent in the park) of chit-chatting and “getting over” all the noon-food with in the evening a little appetiser and spaghetti followed by dessert leftovers from the br/lunch that we had earlier that day.

As usual (I already told you I’m no kitchen queen) the food was just "food" (it's not even worth mentioning) and so again as usual, I tried to make that up with nice decorations on and this time also above the table. The “theme”: recycled party hats made from a lovely (used) wrapping paper (dots and owls design) that I hadn’t thrown away because I knew it would come in handy some time. Coloured dotted napkins were the perfect match here and as a final touch, to set the party mood for real we blew like fifty balloons and hung them across the living room. Et violà, indeed: the party was in the air. 
P.S. Other people than Le BY & I who are celebrating their birthday this week: godfather, -mother and the “unofficial” mother-in-law. So let me correct the picture copy: bonne fête à tous!


  1. Parties are the best! <3 I don't think I'll ever grow out of them - no matter how old I get!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Thank you and indeed: no better way to spend your time than partying.