Friday, 17 May 2013


Fashion weeks are over at Elle Basi. Scrolling through the past few weeks’ blogroll you see a lot of outfits but that’s about to change. Of course 
I will get back to my looks soon. It’s just that I’ve other things 
to blog about right now. Today: My New Way Of Working (MNWOW).
work buddy
How it (I, actually) work(s)? Basically it comes down to this: from now on I will be sitting - working - at my ease in the living room at a new desk that was needed for the sewing machine. Thanks to the table the device has (finally, after about a year) found herself a place in our apartment. MNWOW will make the machine more operational. Meaning: I will be sewing more since she will always be there for me, on the desk in the living room (instead of stored in the cupboard where she has been almost all the time for the past twelve months.)

keep-me-warm-poncho - no brand 

Naturally the desk with sewing machine is more than “a sewing table”. It’s also the place where I will be drinking coffee and eating chocolate while trying to put girly nonsense and other irrelevant ideas into words, even into texts. You know, those things you can read here, on Elle Basi’s blogroll once or twice a week. 
Well, now I see: MNWOW implies a new way of blogging too, the one where you find yourself well-seated and comfortable at a nice desk in the living room.
Writing box

Bibles to dressmakers-in-the-make

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