Friday, 24 May 2013

Kind of kMagix

Okay, I have to admit: celebrating my birthday wasn’t too bad. This partly thanks to the coffee the new Kenwood kMix coffee maker provided me with. (My parents got me this hero for my birthday.) 

Kenwood kMix coffee machine & ditto water heater
Other than the black magic drink it’s the wishes from family, friends and colleagues that got me through the day. Especially those from people telling me how lucky I am to be so "young". It's a kind of magic you know: they made me change my mindset and say to myself “let’s forget about the birthday blues”. 
No better way to do so than having a snack party with friends, right? (Of course loooooots of presents can be of help here too, but I will get back to that later.)

P.S. Happy Friday!

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