Friday, 10 May 2013


espadrille - no brand ( @ Inno)
bag - Nobody
dress - no brand

From winter (X-mas pralines & heart-shaped Valentine chocolates) and spring (Easter eggs and bunnies – chocolate ones, of course) to summer (I’m thinking – and licking my lips by doing so – Guylian’s Sea Shells) and autumn (fall-inspired chocolates like leaves and mushrooms and just before it’s winter again St. Nicholas with ditto shaped chocolate men): being a chocoholic, I can (and do) eat chocolate all year long.

As a matter of fact it makes my world go round. I do not only eat chocolate; I “wear” it too. It’s kind of a lifestyle, you know. One that reflects the adoration – some might say obsession – of the “brownies” (as in chocolicious sweets).

Need I say more when showing you this picture?

Actually I do have to say something about it: behind the chocolate outfit there’s a story ... or two. To start with: the dress. It’s the graduation dress that my dearest mum made for me two years ago; to make sure I could graduate in style.

Nice detail:
clock-watch inside the bag.
Second story: the bag. For my eighteenth birthday - me being a bag freak – I got to choose a “real” bag (i.e. one that I couldn’t afford myself). I remember me and my mum buying it after careful consideration, endless discussions about “whether it would be “the” bag for me or not and – obviously – sleepless nights. 
Even though I don’t use the bag that often it’s one of my favourite accessories. 
It’s a matter of keeping it intact, you know, so that I can pass it to the “next” generation when the time is right. Let’s say, for example, when I have a daughter who's as obsessed with bags and chocolate as me.

P.S. Happy Friday!

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