Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The inexpressible

Oh so cliché but oh so true: a room with a view. 

Seeing this picture you might understand why I didn't prepare blogposts last weekend when I stayed in the apartment that offers this view that no words can describe. Enjoy, that is all you can do about it.

You should know that I've visited the place for years and still ... the panoramic view baffles me every time again when I enter the living room. Last weekend I sat there in one of those nice chairs (Eames), thinking about how to put the incredible coastal image into words but I just couldn't. It's inspiring and "writer's-blocking" at the same time, one could say. To capture it in a picture is equally difficult and being there probably is the ultimate and only way to "experience" this, let's say, inexpressible sight.

P.S. More about my weekend in New Port later this week.

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