Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sea breeze in the city

As said last week: the weather is changing, spring is in the air and sun in the city (not all the time but at least we've seen and felt (!) her over the past few weeks). With those changes not only outfits are getting all spring- and summer-like; my interior is going through the same “metamorphosis”.

Remember my weekend at the seaside? One of the things I did was going for a walk (or two) on the beach to blow off steam and ... to look for shells. Yep, from time to time my inner child must be unleashed and looking for the perfect shells - the bigger the better, the more 
the merrier – is one of those childhood activities I can’t “unlearn”. But hey, this one’s for a good cause: make our place feel like a “permanent” (summer) holiday apartment and bring a sea breeze to the city.

the booty
(after years of shellhunting)

P.S. What’s your trick to create an instant spring/summer vibe?

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