Friday, 12 April 2013

Pink writing

I love pink. From fuchsia, Barbie- (if I ever had a car I would like to have the fiat 500 Barbie edition) and lila-rose: I like them all.

Not only do I dress in “roses”, my writing is pink too. Especially with this rose pen set that’s perfect to note down my, well ... “pink thinking” (meaning: girly nonsense about clothes, (pink) bags, jewellery, etc.)


How to “write pink”?

1)   Get yourself the best boyfriend ever (Le Boyfriend that is).
2)   Pass by the shop window of a “pen & pencil” store (there is one at the “Melkmarkt” in Antwerp) with LB, of course.
3)   While doing so, mention how much you like that pink pen set that is displayed there.
4)   Have your boyfriend surprise you by getting you the pen set, preferably when you least expect it.
5)   Take a notebook.
6)   Let the “pink writing” begin.

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