Monday, 29 April 2013

Jam jars to the rescue

“Make every day earth day”. I read this last Tuesday (= Earth Day) on someone’s Facebook wall and actually this idea pleases and suits me very well.

How to make every day earth day?
Recycle, recycle, recycle. At least that’s one of my ways of “earthkeeping”, other than - amongst others - using a shower timer, trying to cut back on electricity by unplugging devices when we don’t use them and using like ALL scrap papers I find for grocery lists and scribbles for my roommate – aka Le Boyfriend.

And there’s more. 
For the fashionistas amongst us: fashion can be “earthkeeping” too. I’m thinking: the Timberland Earthkeepers ® collection, Paper Thinks, Rewind (a fantastic store with nothing but recycled products), Jackpot, Today is a good day!®, etc.

And more.
Decorating can be of help too in saving our planet. My latest discovery here are garlands, (home)made from old brown paper bags (see picture above). They carry messages that are the result of cut & paste work for which I use old magazines. 

Still the jam jar is my hobby horse when it comes to recycled decorations. Have a look:

They can serve as a vase, a penholder or a candle and so much more. What do you think of a "jam-jar-glass" with a straw to serve drinks in or of "jar-lanterns" with light bulbs?

Anyway, I guess I made my point. For cosy living rooms, for handy solutions and for earthkeeping: jam jars to the rescue!

P.S. For green shopping, visit:
Paper Thinks
Timberland Earthkeepers
Today is a good day! ®

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