Monday, 29 April 2013

Jam jars to the rescue

“Make every day earth day”. I read this last Tuesday (= Earth Day) on someone’s Facebook wall and actually this idea pleases and suits me very well.

How to make every day earth day?
Recycle, recycle, recycle. At least that’s one of my ways of “earthkeeping”, other than - amongst others - using a shower timer, trying to cut back on electricity by unplugging devices when we don’t use them and using like ALL scrap papers I find for grocery lists and scribbles for my roommate – aka Le Boyfriend.

And there’s more. 

Friday, 26 April 2013

The unexpected visit

Last Wednesday evening, while brainstorming about a new blogpost all of a sudden: a knock on the door. I was home alone (Le Boyfriend had to work late) so I walked to the door and asked: “Who’s there?” 
The unexpected visitor from the other side of the door: “Mr. Fever.”
Me again: “If you would excuse me: I don’t need anything from you right now.”
Then, another stranger from the other side of the door: “And Ms. Flu, isn’t she welcome?” 
Me: “No, thanks. You are not missed around here either.” 
(Meanwhile my arms were covered in goose bumps and I could feel my heartbeat in my throat. What if they wouldn't leave?) 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sea breeze in the city

As said last week: the weather is changing, spring is in the air and sun in the city (not all the time but at least we've seen and felt (!) her over the past few weeks). With those changes not only outfits are getting all spring- and summer-like; my interior is going through the same “metamorphosis”.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Fruit salad

That's this week's favourite outfit: 
a combination of lemon-yellow, oranges and strawberry-red.

With spring creeping in after months of darkness (especially when it comes to clothing) and bad weather the time has come, at last, to put on coloured garments. 
The summer/spring breeze also allowed me to wear the Timberland Wingate sandals the way they should be worn: without socks, basically meaning bare feet (and this time without 
my toes freezing off).

P.S. How did you celebrate the start of Spring 2013?

backpack - Longchamp, scarf - H&M, 
tunic - Petit Bateau, jeans - Mango

Monday, 15 April 2013

Elle & Louise

Please let me introduce to you my new friend: Louise. I think Louise and I are going to have some fun together while travelling, tripping through cities, going shopping, attending galas and other festivities, etc.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Pink writing

I love pink. From fuchsia, Barbie- (if I ever had a car I would like to have the fiat 500 Barbie edition) and lila-rose: I like them all.

Not only do I dress in “roses”, my writing is pink too. Especially with this rose pen set that’s perfect to note down my, well ... “pink thinking” (meaning: girly nonsense about clothes, (pink) bags, jewellery, etc.)


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The inexpressible

Oh so cliché but oh so true: a room with a view. 

Seeing this picture you might understand why I didn't prepare blogposts last weekend when I stayed in the apartment that offers this view that no words can describe. Enjoy, that is all you can do about it.

Friday, 5 April 2013


This weekend we will sail off (drive actually) to the seaside. Guess what I'll be wearing for that trip:

Marinière - Mango

Together with my blue backpack this marinière sweater will be perfect to show off at the pier. If only the weather would allow me to go outside without wearing a (winter)jacket, of course.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter is served

Easter on the table
Last weekend = Easter weekend and that usually includes a brunch ... or two: Saturday at my sister’s, Sunday (Easter Sunday) at “our” place. Aside from spring cleaning the apartment (even though it still feels like winter outside), doing (lots of) groceries and stressing out about whether “we won’t have enough to feed the guests” or not, it means (as I mentioned earlier on the blog) setting an Easter-table. 
So, not only I wore my Sunday best; the table was dressed equally well.

Tada ...
the Easter table

the buffet,
on the cupboard

Easter on your plate
colourful "sugar eggs" for Le Boyfriend