Friday, 22 March 2013

Seasonality table

Even though I’m not that great a cook I L.O.V.E. (to organise and throw) dinner parties and brunches. That’s a problem, one would think. Indeed: think, because there are ways to cope with this “paradox”.


Try to withdraw the attention from the food by putting nice decorations on the table. Cocktail umbrellas or shells during summer, coloured leaves and chestnut bolsters in autumn, pine cones in winter and flowers in spring ... these are a few examples of things that do the trick. (I.e. make the guests forget about the miserable meals that are being served.)


Next week I’m having family over for a brunch, at Easter. Such a special occasion deserves a unique table setting, which I’ve already been working on (i.e. brainstorming, not actually realizing the ideas) the past few weeks. We might even end up at a Christmas-inspired table: it’s freezing outside and the weather forecast says it won’t get better any time soon. 
I’ll keep you posted on the result! 

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