Friday, 1 March 2013

Rolls rule

Lately I tend to roll up the sleeves of my sweaters at work, hoping to prevent ink and pencil stains that way. It began as a practical solution but now I’m really starting to like the rolled up sleeves. 

I guess I’m guided by a feeling of nostalgia here - again. (You may have noticed that I like to look back at my childhood from time to time – oh god this really sounds like an eigthy-year-old, doesn’t it?) Anyway, when I was a little girl I often wore clothes that were too big, especially when it were “leftovers” from my older sisters or nieces who had outgrown the clothes. My mother used to roll up sleeves and legs then to make the garments fit me better. I didn't like it at that time but people change and so does fashion: at the moment "rolls" rule. Besides sweaters I'm also thinking: "rolled" chino pants or T-shirts at the beach. 

P.S. Do you have any "childhood fashion nightmares" that have become successful by now?

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