Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pastels, sweets and Caffè Noir

The perfect place to have a break from shopping on a lazy Sunday is a coffee bar. In Antwerp (Kloosterstraat and surroundings) the perfect place to take a breather is Caffè Noir.


As you can see a coffee break includes sweets and at Caffè Noir that means cookies and/or cupcakes, Lily's cupcakes more specifically. They are D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. It’s the names of the different flavours, the pastel illustrations on the menu and of course the way these baked goods taste (i.e. very good) that makes them irresistible. Being a chocoholic I picked the “Death by Chocolate” and I have to admit that I couldn’t agree more with what I read on the menu: it's "simply to die for". The coffee (also important when having a coffee break) was great too. As I tend to drink way too much coffee lately I ordered a decaffeinated cup.

After the “refuel” the shopping continued. What we were hunting for: a nice little table. What we went home with: what one could say is the coolest bag ever. Tada:

a Barbie-rose Tote-bag, made from recycled (!) leather (Paper Thinks)

I hope spring will be here to stay very soon so I can start using this pink bag for sunny walks in the city and far beyond.

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