Friday, 15 March 2013

Monumental walk-in closet

 The red (fashion) army is coming. That’s the first impression I had when entering Fashion Victim, an exhibition by Axelle Red in the Fashion Museum Hasselt (Belgium). Red mannequins dressed in the most crazy, beautiful, nice, weird, cracked and eccentric outfits: that is in one sentence the, one could say, motionless fashion show. (The mannequins were not parading, but there was music everywhere and videos were playing in the background.)

With the exhibition Axelle Red invites you to have a walk through her wardrobe in a setting of videos, lyrics and photos that show how and when she wore the outfits (very often on stage).

What I’ve been wondering: how did she manage to make a selection? Especially after having visited the attic (the last “stop” in the “wardrobe tour”) where you see all these clothes (other than displayed on the mannequins) and shoes stuffed in showcases. It must have been heart-rending for the Belgian singer-songwriter to decide which outfits to show on the red models and which to hang in the glass closets between hundreds of other “dull” (but actually extremely cool) clothes. 

I tried to pick one favourite outfit in every room, but I couldn't: it was just mission impossible to choose favourites between all the nice clothes.

Anyway, some of my favourites:


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