Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jeans fever

a selection from Elle's jeans collection
the oldest item is ten years old (!)

I will wear jeans until the day I die, just because it’s one of the (many) loves of my life. In practice it means that no day passes by without me wearing jeans. If it’s not a pair of trousers it is a denim jacket, skirt or dress. The thing is: when I’m not wearing jeans it feels like a part of me is missing.

This, well let’s say, “jeans fever” started over seven years ago, when I graduated from college. There I had to wear a uniform and jeans - even navy blue ones - were not allowed. As an “act of rebellion” I started to wear "the forbidden" (i.e. denim) the day I left that school building and I’ve never stopped wearing it ever since. This is probably because the “cotton twill textile” feels comfortable and is easy to combine with ... everything.

One could say I’m suffering from a severe fever and after having read last week’s Weekend Knack, I believe it might never break. In the magazine a bunch of seniors declare their love for jeans and talk about how they wear it and why they love it. Reading the stories was like looking into the future, I mean: this could be me in a year or forty (if magazines still exist by then, of course).

P.S. Did you know that the term denim is a contraction of “serge de Nîmes” (meaning “from Nîmes”), the place where the fabric was originally produced?

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