Monday, 25 February 2013

Love of my life

Guess who ...
As a child I was a real “doll-like” girl (i.e. all I did was play with my dolls). I had a whole bunch of them, something like ten or so. Some were nice and beautiful - I’m thinking Corolle - others were rather ugly and cheap. But I loved them all because, you know, one shouldn’t judge by appearances. (Yep, I already knew it at that time).

My favourite one was Olli, a rag doll and probably the most ugly one of them all. Before she became mine she had lived with another child and when I got her she was kind of worn out. Still it was doll-love at first sight. From the moment I first saw Olli I wanted to take her with me everywhere (which I wasn’t allowed to, unfortunately). Until the age of thirteen or so she was my “child” and after that she was mainly just lying around in my room. (It was too hard to say goodbye, you know. After all, she was (is, actually) the doll-love of my life.)

At the moment Olli is at my sister’s who is going to patch her up so that she can become a part of my adult life too, as decoration in the living room for example. I’ll be proud to introduce Olli to you once she’s back from the “rehabilitation”.

She might even get a friend as I discovered “Laloushka” - a Polish brand that specialises in (fashionista) rag dolls. (It’s actually reading about it that made me reminiscence to my doll-childhood.) There are some very special (and wanted) examples in the collection: the Fashion designers. I guess those dolls are made for people like me: adults whose inner child must be unleashed from time to time.

P.S. Which Laloushka do you prefer? I definitely want the Coco Chanel doll.

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