Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mother nature at her best

Sometimes, Mother nature does crazy things. For example, making the sun rise every morning and making it "set" every evening. At these moments of the day - sunrise and sunset - Mother nature is at her best: depending on where you are, you can enjoy magnificent views.

When I was in Italy three weeks ago (oh my god, Time flies by so fast!), I enjoyed these moments. Especially sunset, in the morning (quite logical) when Le boyfriend was still asleep and I couldn't wait to get up (I'm more of a morning person than he is) because I wanted to enjoy every single minute of our summer holiday.

I tried to capture some "morning scenes" with my Olympsus camera. Unfortunately, it's an old camera and I'm not that good a photographer. This explains why the pictures are not splendid, but still, I think they're worth showing to you guys. Just because it might give you an idea of what I mean when I say "Mother nature at her best".

When do you guys think Mother nature is at her best?

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  1. for me it's got to be during spring. when the sun is shining, but the temperature isn't that high and an occasional breeze to cool of. and of course al the trees and flowers that start to blossem again.