Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Morning dilemmas

Till a year or so, I only possessed one beautiful necklace (i.e. pendant). Earrings on the other hand were (and still are) abundantly present in my jewelry collection. So in the morning, I only had to think about which earrings to wear; I divided them into two categories:  "classics" that go with everything and "fantasies" (Check Reminiscence site: that's the stuff I'm talking about) that go only with a limited set of outfits because of the colour, the form, ....

As I used to wear the fantasies a lot, my ears got hurt and even wounded! (The classics are rather small earings, the fantasies on the other hand 'weigh' more 'heavy' on my ear). Anyway, I had to find something else to accomplish my outfits with. So I started thinking about necklaces. As they are usually more expensive than earrings, I limited myself to quite neutral ones - classics if you want - that go with a lot of outfits and that match the classic earrings. (That's a must because I can't stand it when my jewelry doesn't match and because I feel like a Christmas tree when I'm wearing to much jewelry).

These days, I possess four pendants: one that really goes with everything and that I usually wear when the fantasies are "blinking" on my ears, and three that only go with a limited set of earrings. (These three are all presents: two from my beloved bf and one from my aunt.) The new pendants mean: new options and even more decisions to make in the morning (the other decisions concern: which clothes and shoes to wear? which bag to use? what's for breakfast?, etc.)

I guess you understand that this set of jewelry causes morning dilemmas ... which I can't deal with when I have to get up to early in the morning. That's why I try to decide "the night before" which jewels I will wear "the day after". Mm, so maybe it 's rather about evening dilemmas than about morning dilemmas ...

p.s. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, I will do better next time. Promise!

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