Thursday, 28 April 2011

Katy wears my boots

I'm no dedicated royalty watcher, but when I received an e-mail from Boots and woods this morning about the princess's to be love for Spanish boots, I felt that I just HAD TO write something about her. (It was not my intention to take part in the whole media hype about the royal wedding and/or to write about the couple, but as I just said: I felt I just had to do so). And I have good reason for actually doing so: apparently, Waity Katy and I wear the same kind of boots: Spanish leather boots. They are perfect for a walk in the woods or on the beach, or to go horse riding with (that's Kate, not me: I don't ride horses, to scary for a scaredy-cat like me). Some might say the boots do not look that elegant and feminine, but they are soooooo comfortable and they go with a lot of styles: on a pair of trousers or under a skirt (See pictures kate). They are perfect for every day life in the countryside.

source pict 1
source pict 2

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