Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Graduate Dress

In june, my boyfriend for sure, me not so for sure, will graduate... As graduation means the end of an era- it is to say, the end of student life- it is a special occasion and that should be celebrated. And a celebration means party and a party definitely needs a partydress. So last Friday, I went to Antwerp with my mom to buy some 'fabric' for the graduation dress. Actually, I decided about a month ago which print and what kind of dress I wanted. So it was no tough decision in the store, eventhough they had a lot of beautiful fabrics. I opted for a brownish dotted pattern in silk for a dress similar to my little black dress from last winter: it's  the same but sleeveless. I mean, graduation is in June, let's hope the weather will be good by then and sleeves won't be needed.

The store: Julija's Shop

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