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Cocacolashes Christmas

Haddon Sundblom. I'd never heard of him till a few days ago. When browsing on the www for a joyful picture of the famous Coca Cola Christmas campaigns, I ended up at the Coke site of the web.
Initially, I just wanted to post a picture of the Coca Santa Claus (I like the vintage-looking adds) but I found an interesting article on the CocaCola website.
It is an article about the famous Coke Santa Clause. And as Christmas is almost all around (as I wrote earlier this week), I think it is the right time to write about the CCSC (Coca Cola Santa Claus).

I'm not going to recite the whole article, here is just a short listing of (what I consider to be) the funniest things about the CCSC.
1) Haddon Sundblom: the man (artist) who invented CCSC and whose paintings of the CCSC are stil an inspiration for new Coca Cola adds.
2) Santa has'nt always been the man in red with the white beard. Over time, he has had different 'shapes': he once was an elf-like figure and his clothes have had different colours.
3)The reason for the Santa- adds: Coca cola used to be considered as a beverage for when the weather was warm. So the company started a campaign with the slogan "Thirst Knows No Season" . The Coca Cola Company wanted to make clear that on cold days too, a Coca Cola could taste great. And who is better than Sant Claus (who represents winter) to embody that slogan.

P.S. If you want to find out more, click here.

source picture:, consulted 16 december 2010
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