Sunday, 14 November 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

Some of you may remember a post (in Dutch, June 2010) about seashell shaped chocolates. Well, it was a birthday gift from my 'godmother': she gave it as a 'pre-appetizer' for the real present. I have to say, these chocolates came to me as a surprise. A pleasant surprise that actually came in to use very well because I had to study for weeks at that time.

Well, this week, a similar thing happened. I got a birthday gift again, and it was again send to me by my godmother. This time no chocolates, but the 'real deal': the 'main' present if you want to call it that.
On the table in the living room I found a litlle present, wrapped in beautiful wrappingpaper with flowers on it (see picture above). I curiously opened it and I found a 'bordeaux' (redish colour, the colour of wine actually) jewel bag (you know what I mean? Such a bag that jewelers put jewels in when you buy them). Inside the bag was a silver necklace with beautiful pendant: a litlle sun with tiny sparkling crystals in it...

I wore the necklace today, and god, it made my outfit sparkle!

p.s. Forgot to take a picture, I will do so the next time I wear it.

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