Friday, 8 October 2010

The Real Deal

Yesterday, I had a three hour break in between classes, so I decided to go shoehunting: fall is here, winter is near so I can use some extra footwear.
Unfortunatally I didn't find the real deal, at least that's what I thought. - Before I go on, the real deal can be defined as followed: casual-chique boots, not extremely high heeled, that go perfectly with denim skirts as well as with trousers. A secondary requirement: as I'm trying to live a green life, I was hoping to find the real deal in the Timberland earthkeepers collecetion.-

I saw (and tried) beautiful pairs of boots and shoes that I considered buying, but I wasn't convinced yet. The shoes were perfect, except for the high heel. The boots were also good, maybe a litle to sporty to wear with a skirt... So I told the shop girl that I would wait a few more weeks, that I had to make up my mind about which pair I liked best.

It was actually only a few hours later, when walking to the busstation after the break and the class I had to attend to, that I suddenly realized that I don't need time to make up my mind about the shoe-purchase. I decided that I will just buy two pairs of footwear: the rather casual pair of stringed boots and the pair of high heeled pumps, both from the earthkeepers-collection. That way, the purchase will be the Real Deal!


  1. bravo with your article, a very exciting post to celebrate your n° 100 topic. can't wait to see the result.

  2. I will show you very soon, still have to take pictures.