Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A new item for my make-up collection: a lipstick... my first lipstick ever! Colour: "acajou doux", a red-rose-brownish collor.

Actually, my make-up look has evolved over the years. When I was fourteen, I started to 'experiment' with make-up: I secretly began to put on my mother's (sjjjjjt, she doesn't know!) compact powder and her kohl- eye pencil. (Okay, maybe she did know: she must have noticed that I was wearing make up.) I didn't always manage to apply the powder in the right way, which resulted in an orange face.
At that time, I didn't do eyeshadow, blush or nailpolish yet. It was only when I was eighteen that I 'discovered' blush. I remember me buying my first one at Inno in Antwerp: a tiny goldish round box with sparkling make -up inside. It made the difference: it made me blush even more. About a half year later, after thoughtful consideration and a lot of practicing in the bathroom, I decided to improve my look with black eyeliner. But still something was missing and later that year I started to use eyeshadow.
And now, more then two years after the eyeshadow revolution, I finally got the courage to get myself a lipstick. I'm not sure about when to put it on and I think I'll save it for 'special' occasions.

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