Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A new item for my make-up collection: a lipstick... my first lipstick ever! Colour: "acajou doux", a red-rose-brownish collor.

Actually, my make-up look has evolved over the years. When I was fourteen, I started to 'experiment' with make-up: I secretly began to put on my mother's (sjjjjjt, she doesn't know!) compact powder and her kohl- eye pencil. (Okay, maybe she did know: she must have noticed that I was wearing make up.) I didn't always manage to apply the powder in the right way, which resulted in an orange face.
At that time, I didn't do eyeshadow, blush or nailpolish yet. It was only when I was eighteen that I 'discovered' blush. I remember me buying my first one at Inno in Antwerp: a tiny goldish round box with sparkling make -up inside. It made the difference: it made me blush even more. About a half year later, after thoughtful consideration and a lot of practicing in the bathroom, I decided to improve my look with black eyeliner. But still something was missing and later that year I started to use eyeshadow.
And now, more then two years after the eyeshadow revolution, I finally got the courage to get myself a lipstick. I'm not sure about when to put it on and I think I'll save it for 'special' occasions.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

In Progress

Hello Visitor

No big news today.
I'm working on a longer message to post one of these days. It's just that after more than two weeks of abscence, I wanted to tell you that I'm still alive.


Here some pictures to make this post a little bit interesting. I took them when I was in Zeeland (The Netherlands) two weeks ago.

A sea-gull, Vlissingen A Sunset, On the way home

The beach, Vrouwenpolder

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Ik zou me bij deze even willen verontschuldigen aan regelmatige Elle Basi- bezoekers (moesten die bestaan). Een verontschuldiging voor de povere updates van de afgelopen weken. Bij deze is dat dus gebeurd.
Verder zou ik daarvoor verklaringen willen geven aan regelmatige bezoekers (*nogmaals: moesten die bestaan). Het is eigenlijk zeer eenvoudig (een paar weken geleden heb ik het al eens vermeld), de hoofdoorzaken zijn werken, quality time with my Love (hiervan volgen nog foto's één van de dagen) en slapen. De komende twee weken komt daar niet veel verandering, dus aan regelmatige bezoekers (idem *): jullie zijn gewaarschuwd, verwacht alstublieft geen "hoogstaande literatuur" in de nabije toekomst.

Friday, 6 August 2010